Reading Together

Anna Quindlen said something very interesting once: “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home." It is not so much about the quantum and quality of knowledge, but how we present it — that which is valued and has the ‘power to stick’ with the children. It does not always have to be a lesson. A story, a puzzle, or a fun activity or game can also help explain concepts. By injecting an element of excitement, their development becomes interesting and enables children to learn faster. Children develop a love for reading when they can relate to what they are reading. We give the children a variety of topics from which to choose and ensure that at least one topic has enough recall value or triggers their imagination to encourage them to read. Children learn to read by observing their environment, so embedding interesting learning lessons around the home is a great way of encouraging them to engage with literature. The act of parents reading to their children promotes critical and creative thinking skills. Big brother or sister does it, so why can’t I? Reading with children is fun, and a great way to cultivate communication from an early age. By reading aloud you not only encourage a love of reading and books but also create memories for both of you. You know kids need to read to develop their vocabulary, but it's tough to get them started. The story of a driverless car or space shuttle or an ordinary piece of rock that finds a way home creates endless opportunities for dialogue between you and your child, as well as essential vocabulary lessons - all in under five minutes. Let’s get reading together! Team Asymmetrical

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