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Hello Kids!

Are you experiencing difficulties with reading? You're not alone. Just like you, Virat faced similar challenges. However, his reading journey transformed when he discovered serves as your perfect reading partner, handpicking books tailored to your preferences. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to enhance your writing skills and delve into the world of coding.

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Hello School!

Discover the transformative power of, the personalized learning platform that's changing the game for secondary interests in schools and at home. Our innovative approach has ignited the joy of learning for students, reshaping their approach to reading, writing, and coding.

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I think that this new kind of approach to learning is definitely very interesting! It provides a lot of freedom to choose. The revised version of digital library and new Coding is fun! I also like the monthly magazine- Booktern! And of course, I get to learn while having fun and reading!
Apurva, Grade 9, Pune

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Hello Parents!

We understand that you are busy parents and may not have the time to curate a home library. With, your child can access a curated collection of captivating books and more, all with just a click. We believe that shared reading experiences create precious moments that strengthen the parent-child relationship. As one of our happy parents shared, "I try to read with my child every day, and it has improved our bond."

About Us

Asymmetrical is an online platform that blends technology with self-directed learning. Our mission is to kindle a lifelong passion for learning and reading in children, thereby creating a truly enriching educational experience. Inspired by nature's affinity for asymmetry, we wholeheartedly embrace and cater to the unique needs of each child. Just as leaves unveil intricate patterns and butterflies boast distinct markings, our name "Asymmetrical" embodies this unwavering commitment. Immerse yourself in our platform to explore a realm as diverse and captivating as the natural world itself. Join us in shaping a brighter future for the young minds of tomorrow!


Asymmetrical is the premier online children's subscription-based book service, providing top-notch illustrated books for kids aged 18 and below. But that’s not all, our growth encompasses community-sourced writing, a monthly magazine, and coding resources. Through collaborations with prominent publishers, we bring your child a diverse array of age- appropriate, award-winning fiction and non-fiction titles right at their fingertips.

Asymmetrical was founded by a group of parents and educators who aimed to provide enriching reading, writing, and learning experiences for their own children. It was conceptualized in recognition of the need for a superior alternative to children's screen time. Children are central to Asymmetrical's mission, actively participating in activities ranging from book selection to writing initiatives.

In contrast to conventional apps filled with intrusive ads and in-app purchases, Asymmetrical functions as a web-based platform. This design ensures a personalized and ad-free experience, granting children the convenience of logging in from any device.

At the moment, we do not provide an option for individual purchases. Our current offering is focused on bulk student memberships tailored for school purchases. Children can make use of this service both at school and from the convenience of their homes.

Asymmetrical is accessible via any web browser on a laptop, desktop computer, or phone.

Yes, you can start coding with studio. Children learn coding in Python and JavaScript while playing an adventurous game.

When you are learning to code, there are two ways you can work at the same time. One way is to use blocks to choose commands from a menu and the computer will write the code for you. The other way is to write the code yourself. You can switch between the two modes to see the code you made or the blocks you used. If you are just starting out, it's best to use the block mode.

No. Because our tasks are in succession, the transition to another task without completing a task is not possible. When the tasks are completed, the next scene can be moved on by clicking the 'Next Scene' button.

In the coding platform, you can get information about the task solution by clicking on the 'question mark' in the lower right corner of our task stage.

The first 15 screens of the coding platform are available for free on our website so that you can try out the system. To access additional tasks after the 15th screen, we need to get permission from your parents or guardians. Please have them fill out the form to give their consent.

You can use high performance tablets purchased in the last three years or latest desktop devices.