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Reading for pleasure boosts creativity, vocabulary, and concentration. Choose what you wish to read and proceed at your own pace.


Hey Parents!

The love of reading begins at home. Children watch their parents. At home, read to your children in grades K-3. They will quickly pick up the talent.

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Hello Kids!

You are now reading on your own. Choose what you want to read and enjoy. If you are having difficulty with some words, seek assistance rather than using the internet. Try to figure it out on your own or consult an older sibling.

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Hello there!

Those who have not yet developed a reading habit might do so with our specially picked books. For those who have already discovered the joy, experiment with new topics on your own.

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Name: Rachana Malu

Grade: 6

Number of Pages Read : 78


Grade : 6

Number Of Pages Read : 60

Name: Yuvraj Agarwal

Grade : 6

Number Of Pages Read : 39


Grade : 6

Number Of Pages Read : 21

Name: Om Pokale

Grade : 6

Number Of Pages Read : 20



Grade 8


I think that this new kind of approach to learning is definitely very interesting! It provides a lot of general knowledge, includes science facts and info on other topics and subjects as well! I also like the trivia questions and facts on the main page (based on the books of that day)! I also like the illustrations and how the point of view of a second person is used! It engrosses me in the book. And of course, I get to learn while having fun and reading!

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Children learn coding in Python and JavaScript while playing an adventurous game.

When you are learning to code, there are two ways you can work at the same time. One way is to use blocks to choose commands from a menu and the computer will write the code for you. The other way is to write the code yourself. You can switch between the two modes to see the code you made or the blocks you used. If you are just starting out, it's best to use the block mode.

No. Because our tasks are in succession, the transition to another task without completing a task is not possible. When the tasks are completed, the next scene can be moved on by clicking the 'Next Scene' button.

In the Codementum platform, you can get information about the task solution by clicking on the 'question mark' in the lower right corner of our task stage.

The first 15 screens of the Codementum platform are available for free on our website so that you can try out the system. To access additional tasks after the 15th screen, we need to get permission from your parents or guardians. Please have them fill out the form to give their consent.

You can use high performance tablets purchased in the last three years or latest desktop devices.

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